Insurance & Finance

Kuda is very proudly the only company in South Africa that offers you the option of financing the purchase of your sport horse. Your horse is a very valuable asset, no different to any other, and often not easily affordable through a once off cash payment. We therefore offer a financing facility whereby you can purchase your horse and pay it off over a 12, 24 or 36 month period.

We are offering pre-approved finance for the Capital auction – you would apply with us and we would pre-approve a specified amount which you could then use for the purchase of a horse of your choice at the auction, we don’t need to know in advance which horse you intend to purchase. Kuda would pay Capital direct for the loan portion of the purchase price after the conclusion of the sale. You are also invited to include the purchase price of tack and equipment for your new horse in the loan application amount if you so wish.

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