Friday 19th November

On the Friday evening we will be having an under-saddle presentation of our auction horses from 5pm onwards. All are welcome to attend, and no tickets are required, but please do send an email titled: FRIDAY through to chelsea@capitalstud.com to let us know that you are coming and the number of guests so that we can ensure adherence to COVID-19 regulations. 

Prior to arrival, please complete your COVID screening at Www.showwave.co.za/online/capitalstudauction and have your QR code ready. 


Saturday the 20th of November

  • 9:00 - Buyers registration and viewing

  • 9:30-10:30 - Young Stallion Presentation

  • 11:00 - The Capital Stud 2021 Auction


Registration for online bidding

For those wishing to bid online either from the live event, or from home, please register online at https://capitalstud.com/register and make sure you are activated and logged in.

Registration for bidding cards 

For those who wish to bid in person at the live event with a bidding card - registration to acquire your bidding card opens on Saturday the 20th of November at 9am in the auction office at the venue. 

Telephone Bidding 

If you would prefer to organise telephone bidding please contact us on 0765 195 308, at least 48 hours prior to the event and we will complete the pre-registration process for you to facilitate this option.

A note on the Hybrid Auction format.

This exciting and new format allowing people to bid online (via the internet from anywhere in the world) and live in-person does mean the auction will run slightly differently to previous years. First and foremost, the auctioneer will be taking bids from the floor, as traditionally done, and from the online portal. A bell signifying an online bid is heard by all as soon as an online bid is placed. There is no countdown clock as in the online only platform as the auction is live and therefore real time, which means you will need to follow the live stream if you are bidding on a horse from home as the horses will not be given a time slot. Secondly, online bidders do not get extra time to bid so you are urged to make your bids swiftly. Finally, lots may take a little longer to close as we ensure all bids are received and accounted for. This also allows us to accommodate any time lag on the livestream system. However, we do not expect much lag and all logged in bidders will see the update (either Floor Bid or Online Bid) and the stated amount instantly.

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