Kentucky van’t Ruytershof x Heartbreaker



Date of birth 02-07-2017
Gender Gelding
Color Chestnut
Studbook BWP
Height 16.1 1/2hh


Novice Intermediate Skilled

“This eye-catching gelding is the perfect combination of sensitive and careful. With time and patience, he has the potential to take a confident and ambitious rider up through the ranks!”- Team Capital

You’d be hard pressed to find better bloodlines than this: the combination of Kentucky van’t Ruytershof, proven in both performance and breeding, and Heartbreaker, one the greatest jumping sires of all time, packs more than a powerful punch. Capital Reagen means business.


Pedigree Performance

Sire: Kentucky van'T Ruytershof - For Pleasure x Diamant de Semilly

1st Dam - Hera van de Bucxtale (Heartbreaker) - 2007

She produced:

  • Capital My Friend - Nabab de Reve stallion (2012) SJ 1m

2nd Dam - (Kivolda - 1992) SJ 1.45m

She produced:

  • Kabila van de Bucxtale - Heartbreaker stallion (2010) SJ 1.30m
  • Nirvana van de Bucxtale - Cooper van de Heffinck mare (2013) SJ 1.35m

3rd Dam - (Givolda - 1988)

She produced:

  • Kivolda - Burggraaf mare (1992) SJ 1.45m
  • Mivolda - Goldstern mare (1994) SJ 1.10m
  • J.F. - Silvio I gelding (1996) SJ 1.30m
  • Ovoldus - Celano gelding (1996) SJ 1.30m
  • Rivolda - Kigali mare (1998) SJ 1.40m
  • Tivolda - COrland mare (2000) SJ 1.35m
  • Cannavaro - Kojak gelding (2001) SJ 1.30m
  • Well Done - Sheraton gelding (2003) SJ 1.60m
  • Zazou - Germus R mare (2004) SJ 1.50m
  • B - Up tp Date stallion (2006) SJ 1.30m
  • E. Givalda Imoo - Marius Claudius mare (2009) SJ 1.30m

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