Jun 2, 2022

From the 21st to the 24th of June, Capital Stud is hosting an auction unlike any seen before
in southern Africa. The Exclusive Broodmare Auction sees seventeen mares in foal to stallions from the world’s best bloodlines going under the digital hammer.

The real value in this opportunity comes not only from the acquisition of a mare and exceptionally bred foal, but the opportunities on offer to those electing to keep their mare and foal at Summerhill Equestrian in permanent livery.

Upon choosing the livery option, the following unmissable offering becomes available to you:

  • Future coverings for your Capital mare by the Capital Stud stallions

  • A live foal guarantee for your mare purchased on the Auction

  • World-class facilities and the 24/7 attention of our team of experts

Backing and producing of your young horses ‘the Capital Way’ allowing them to either return to you when ‘ready to go’ or be sold on the appropriate Capital Stud Auction.

In this way, this Exclusive Broodmare Auction truly offers you the ability to invest in your future in the sport, and breed your future champions.


Henning’s vision for Capital Stud has always been to provide South Africans with a quality of sporthorse commensurate with that seen on the international stage. He invests only in the best bloodlines in both his stallions and mares, and his pairings are carefully formulated with the goal of breeding ‘the ultimate sporthorse’.

With just five years of auction horses on the circuit, it is astonishing to see the number of ‘big names’ already jumping in the open classes across South Africa and overseas. From Capital My Lady to Capital Magic Boy, Capital Colman to Capital Night Star, Capital Don Cumarco to Capital Colnardo, Capital Moonlight to Capital Claribel, Capital Ayden to Capital Hampton, Capital Levubu to Capital Hawk, and Capital Chantilly to Capital Kronos, to name just a few, Henning’s selection process and ability to find and breed true quality is unrivalled.

His goal with this Auction is to sell broodmares to those wanting to invest in their future in the sport. It is his dream to see these international quality horses ridden by those with the talent to produce them, and through this Auction he hopes to make this a more affordable prospect.



Aside from the obvious ability to breed with these mares in the future, providing South Africans
with the opportunity to create their own string of sporthorses, Henning has introduced this Exclusive Broodmare Auction in response to European trends. KWPN for instance regularly achieves prices for broodmares in the range of 30,000EUR (over R500,000), with European buyers recognising the value inherent in a good foundation mare for their breeding operations. The trend in Europe towards broodmare auctions in many ways was influenced by the Thoroughbred broodmare sales, where it is not uncommon to see prices in the millions of Euros for a specific mare. It all comes down to recognising the value of a good mare and the progeny she is capable of producing. This Auction replicates this trend to make the opportunity of owning your piece of the world’s best bloodlines a reality.

"The reasons to invest in a broodmare are simple. If you start breeding from scratch today with a mare without a proven damline it’ll take you 20 years before you are really getting it right. You’ll be running behind the trends the whole time. Henning is selling mares that have a proper damline and that have already proved they can produce new generation offspring that can make it to the top in the sport. Henning has invested the time for you by figuring it all out over the years. When you buy a broodmare on this auction, you’re buying time so that you can get ahead. This game doesn’t stand-still". - Dirk Zagers


"Another win of breeding your own horses from proven mares and stallions is the health factor. This sport is expensive and if you start with horses that have problems, the chances of them breaking down when they reach the big classes is high. Henning is so careful with his breeding. He X-Rays his horses, checks for correctness and always looks at the feet. With Henning you buy top horses, not top problems, and with your foal looked after by his team, you can guarantee the horse you are getting at the end has the best chance there is of getting to the Grand Prixs". - Dirk Zagers



Summerhill Equestrian is the ultimate place to raise your foal. This can be said with certainty when one sees not only the Warmbloods that have been produced from this property but also the winning Thoroughbreds of yesteryear. The space, the energy, the team and the facilities on offer are unparalleled. Better yet, they are affordable and give you peace of mind that your horses are in the best hands.

Summerhill Equestrian is offering all those interested to visit the property, see the facilities and meet the broodmares on offer.With a mid-week stay, Hartford House is offering a 30% discount for those looking to stay in luxury on site.


  • Broodmare management

  • Foaling down

  • Weaning

  • Re-covering by Capital Stud stallions

  • Training of youngsters

  • Backing of youngsters

  • Initial under saddle training

  • Producing of horses for sale on Auction


Livery A (Stable) or Livery B (Paddock) for:

Breeding Mares | Weanlings | Yearlings | Pre-Training | Spelling | Sales Prep Stallions | Retirement

CLICK HERE to view all livery options and prices.



The showjumping sport has evolved at a rapid rate over the past decade, particularly in Europe. This has necessitated breeders of modern showjumpers to adapt accordingly. Whereas heavier types with scope to burn were winning the classes ten to fifteen years ago, this has all changed with the advent of lighter poles, more technical courses and a huge emphasis on time.

Henning Pretorius, with his stud base in Europe, has been following and replicating these trends in his breeding for several years, and the rewards of this visionary approach are starting to become apparent on the showjumping tracks here.

Henning continues to acquire stallions of the best quality from Europe, and his latest batch epitomise the modern breeding trends. To have the opportunity for your Capital broodmare to be covered by these stallions in the future by remaining at Summerhill Equestrian is too good to be missed. This would be a true investment in your future in the sport.


In the words of Dirk Zagers

“In Belgium, we used to breed a lot with Darco. Our Darco mares continue to be the basis of our modern breeding operations, but they are now put to modern stallions. If Darco were to be cloned and come back to the sport today he’d be a great horse, but there would be better horses.  He was one of the best of his time, but today the sport is different. The biggest game changer in the sport is the speed required. You have to fly around those Grand Prix tracks to avoid time faults. On top of this the poles are light, the cups are flat and the distances are more technical. Henning has followed these trends and his new crop of stallions are going to be the future play makers of our sport".

Today you need horses that have blood for speed, but they must also be intelligent so they can cooperate with you and read the fence for themselves. They also need to be sharp and careful, but not afraid. If you want to be competitive, you need a horse that reads the fence with you, knows where the top pole is, is sharp in front and still has all the scope and power to clear the top fences. Ultimately, he needs to be more athletic

"Hennings new stallions are really the ‘crème de la crème’ of what you can buy in terms of new blood, top blood and proven blood. Each one has a damline that you can’t believe is real - it’s so powerful". - Dirk Zagers


  • Capital’s History JT Z (a full brother to Hardrock Z) (Heartbreaker, Carthago Z, Rebel I IZ)
  • Capital Voice van het Keizerhof (Pegase van ‘t Ruytershof x Chacco-Blue x Berlin (ex Caspar)
  • Capital V-Power van het Keizerhof (Luigi Déclipse x Cassini I x Romino)
  • Capital Very Cool van het Keizerhof (Luigi Déclipse x Casall la Silla x Carolus)
  • Capital Vegas van het Keizerhof (Uricas VD Kattenv x Stakkato x Lord Caletto)
  • Capital’s Emirates van Overis Z (Emerald van ‘t Ruytershof x Pommeau du Heup x Ramiro Z)
  • Capital’s Barnidin JT Z (Baloubet du Rouet x Happy Days Z x Carthago Z) NOTE: Happy Days Z is full sister to Hardrock Z
  • Capital Udorado van het Keizerhof (Grandorado x Heartbreaker x Burggraaf)
  • Capital’s Tandoori Pommex Z (Tobago Z x Golden Hawk x Rubens du ri dásse D’96)
  • Capital’s Hermes Pommex Z (Halifax van het Kluizebos x Emerald van ’t Ruytershof x Usha van ’t Roosakker)
  • Capital’s Harton vd Berghoeve Z (Heartbreaker x Diamant de Semilly x Atoucha van ‘t Roosakker)
  • Capital’s Todos de Regor (Chacco-Blue x Dobels Cento x Nabab de Reve x Qerly Chin)
  • Capital Toulouse van het Keizerhof (Diarado x Chacco-Blue x Berlin )
  • Capital’s Jaures de Hus (Baloubet du Rouet x Wandor Van Mispelaere x Cento x Usha van ’t Roosakker)


It is hugely exciting to see this kind of opportunity being made available to South Africans. Allowing top showjumpers to own their own damlines and breed their ideal foal, with the assistance of the expert Capital Team, is the next step in the evolution of the sport. Invest in your future with Capital Stud at Summerhill Equestrian.


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