DERBY 2019

Oct 11, 2019

Capital Stud’s achievements at the 2019 South African Derby:

The South African Derby is set out to challenge both horse and rider at all levels and this year Capital Stud stood up to the mark with some incredible results. The exceptional 2017 Auction horse, *Capital My Lady and Ivan Der Sijde won Gold in the 1.30m Derby Championship. This team also came home with with a 3rd place in the 1.30m Two Phase and a 9th in the 1.30m A2 competition, certainly showing us the talent of the Future Warmblood Champions from the Stud.

Capital Chili Pepper and Christine Leandra Clayden made their Derby debut and completed the track, having placed 8th in the 1.50 Derby Classic earlier in the week. Mark White Nissan’s Capital Hitoshi and Nicole Horwood were yet another popular team that were incredible to watch in the main class, having placed 5th in the 1.50 Two Phase earlier in the week.

A team that stood out in the 1.40m Mini Derby were Capital Cameroon and Tegan Bruyns, who won the 1.40m 2 Phase earlier in the week. Capital Caleonid and Lauren Pretorius also made their debut in the 1.40m mini Derby and were another incredible team to watch, with this young stallion showing great potential for Derby’s to come.

Bruce Dewar and his Capital string achieved great results in the 1.35m classes with Capital Cherokee placing 5th in the 1.35m A2 and 10th in the Derby competition. Capital Guidam placed 14th in the competitive 1.35m Two Phase class. *Capital Carlyle and Chris Fourie are doing extremely well in the 1.30m classes, having finished 8th in the 1.30m Derby competition.

Some great results were seen in the 1.20m classes with a 3rd from Capital Contrast & Alexandra Wexler, a 10th from *Capital Madly & Ashlee Healy, an 11th from *Capital Salvador & Charley Crockart, a 13th from *Capital Night Watch & Cassandra Catherine and an 18th from *Blue Turtle’s Capital Magic Boy & Ronnie Healy.

*It is incredible to see the development of the previous Capital Stud Auction Horses and how they are proving themselves as future champions within the sport.

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