Nov 1, 2021 · Collection - Capital Stud Hybrid Auction 2021



"Kasane was electric" - Johan Lotter 28 CAPITAL KASANE

With the Capital Stud Hybrid Auction fast approaching on the 20th of November, the response to the Capital Stud 2021 Collection has been overwhelming. With fully-booked try-outs the energy and excitement is palpable.

The Capital Stud Team have handed over the reins of their 2021 Collection, and the results have been remarkable. These outstanding young sport horses have really stepped up to show just what they are capable of.

HQ chatted to a couple of the riders who had attended the try-outs to hear just what they had to say about their experience of these young athletes. We’re sure you’ll agree that just these few insights start to whet the appetite for what is to come on the 20th of November.

To find out more about the horses, view the Capital Catalogue online here

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