Nov 10, 2022


The world class Capital Stud Sporthorse Collection 2022 goes under the hammer later this month (18th-19th November), and the excitement is palpable.

Credit to a Collection whose reputation precedes itself, try-outs were rapidly booked out. And, yet, the feedback from these try- outs only increased demand further with the Capital Stud Team making every effort to accommodate those keen to try out these young athletes for themselves.

Common themes mentioned by professionals and amateurs alike after attending try-outs include schooling, rideability and athleticism, and the feedback received by the Stud has been incredible. Capital Stud have really outdone themselves and created what must be the most talented and rideable Collection yet.

The Capital Stud Team have found a winning formula. Breeding with the best; raising the horses in the idyllic surrounds of Summerhill Equestrian; and having the horses under saddle with the professional production team for an additional year of exposure at Summerhill where their youngsters are backed and introduced to easy morning walks and trots and canters on the tracks in straight lines are all important factors in creating these future champions. Credit must go to Henning Pretorius for his vision and foresight in his selection of bloodlines, and the equipping of his Summerhill property to provide the ideal incubator for top-drawer showjumpers. Mention must also be made of Dirk Zagers and his Team at the Skeerport Stud, where the second year of production happens. Dirk has been part of the development of Warmbloods for sport in Europe since the 1970s. He provides an incredible opportunity for the Capital Stud Team to train regularly with an international coach.
It is inspiring to watch the Team develop and the quality of the production is a credit to every hour they have committed to this special Collection.

Outside of the Team, recognition must go to the horses involved in producing this Collection. It goes without saying when looking at Capital Stud horses that the bloodlines of all horses are exceptional, but in this article, we chose to focus specifically on three stallions who have large numbers of offspring featuring on the sale. These include Capital Levubu who would easily hold his own against any international competitor; Rendement who needs no introduction having attended the World Equestrian Games; and Capital Colnardo who has successfully partnered Jennifer Gates around some of the biggest tracks in the world. Finally, we meet the rest of the Collection and whet your appetite for what is to come on the 18th and 19th of November.



Cachas x Cassini I x Romino - BWP | 2011 | Grey

Capital Levubu’s pedigree reads like a fairytale

The combination of Caretino and Cassini I has produced numerous world-class horses, like the exceptional Berlin. Caretino is all about top-minds and rideability and Cassini I delivers quality and athleticism. Levubu is so very special for breeding in South Africa because he embodies all of their traits – athleticism, blood, quality and mentality.

Under Bronwyn Meredith Dos Santos Levubu is a dominant force in the 1.50m classes. Over the last few months this Olympic-quality stallion has got people questioning where he sits among the greats. Is he better than Cumano, with whom he shares Cassini I bloodlines? Is Levubu the best horse South Africa has ever bred? Levubu sets the competition arena alight - with scope to burn, exemplary technique, bravery and sensitivity - it is impossible not to notice him.

Not only is he showing all the qualities need to be an Olympic stallion, but Capital Stud are delighted to share his offspring for the first time in this 2022 Collection. All of these young horses are very sensitive, modern, athletic and intelligent.

You will know a Levubu when it walks into the ring.




Colman x Coronado x Castro - Holsteiner | 2005 | Bay

Colnardo is like the Greek God, Midas; everything he touches turns to gold.

Capital Colnardo’s pedigree includes the lines of Cor de la Bryere, Capitol I and Ladykiller xx. He showcases the best Holsteiner blood, including Carthago, Lord and Corrado I. Most significantly of all, however, his bloodline features Marlon xx who is one of the most influential Thoroughbred stallions in showjumping.

There have been so many amazing Colnardo offspring with his world class signature; from Capital Colman to Capital Claribel and many, many more. On this auction there are a host of Colnardo offspring, each expressing the signature stamp of their father. They have exceedingly good rideability, with top canters and natural balance that sets them up for success.



Burggraaf x Zeus x Hurricane - KWPN | 1998 | Chestnut

"Rendement had the heart of a lion” – Johan Lotter

Rendement, who previously competed with Johan Lotter, had a remarkable competition record of his own. He was a proven talent and we are honoured to produce his exceptional progeny.

Rendement’s greatest asset was his temperament and he passes this on to all of his offspring. In
the words of Dirk Zagers, “He always wanted to go, no matter how high or high difficult the track. His offspring are exactly the same; they want to do well. They don’t overjump – air is for the birds – but they carry their rider safely from one side of the fence to the other, with intelligence, sharpness and all the scope in the world. Whether under a professional or amateur, they are serious contenders for the top.”



With nearly 40 horses on offer, the influx of horsepower into the sport promises to be revolutionary. The next few years of South African showjumping look set to outstrip all that has gone before. The new generation of athletes has arrived.



Capital Stud’s past auction progeny are only just starting to be measured in the arena with their first auction horses now competing in the 1.40m and 1.50m classes. The quality, scope and athleticism are in another league, providing consistent results in the top classes, where they count. All of this confirms Capital Studs’ vision of success.

Yet, this Collection heralds a new era of South Africa sporthorses with another level of breeding, another level of production and, ultimately, another level of athlete.


Join Capital Stud on the 18th and 19th of November to watch the future of showjumping in action.



16:00 – Join us for an under-saddle presentation of our auction horses


9:00 – Buyers’ registration and viewing

9:30 – 10:30 – The Capital Stud Stallions 2022

We proudly present a selection of the stallions of the 2022 Auction Collection and some of our young competition stallions.

11:00 – The Capital Stud 2022 Auction

Please note: Online bidding will be available on our website, www.capitalstud. com. Instructions for online bidding will be updated on the website at the beginning of November. Live Stream links will be published on our website and social media channels from the 18th of the November.

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